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the anti-editing edit

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one half-day at the canyons, one air bag, one rabbit in a box, one video timeline, and two audio tracks.


it’s almost 2010

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and people are still making hipster fixed gear jokes??

this is pat da rep after watching that video

this is me after watching that video last week

this is pat da rep tonight on my couch

this is webster watching pat da rep on the couch

this is pat da rep when he wakes up in the morning and reads this post

this is a drawing i did this summer

and this is

if anybody can introduce me to this girl I will pay you $100

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so the dollhouse has internet

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but still doesn’t have heat

49.4° F

but it’s cool because this babe just showed up

this is me right now

this is justin

this is danny

this is whebster (the H is silent)

this is danny’s cousin

here’s what we’re watching on television

oh fuck this dude just showed up