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And the winner is;

Congratulations Mike Benson and Casey Wrightsman, 34% of the voters prefer watching your videos over talking to Steve Berra, listening to Jereme Rogers’ mixtape, getting pissed on by Gabby or suicide.  19 voters would rather end it all than be subject to any of the aforementioned activities while a solid quarter of the respondents would rather get soaked by the female snowboarding equivalent of this;

The biggest loser of them all is clearly this dipshit;

and his pitiful excuse for a rap career.  This whole poll was a big joke but I am being 100% sincere when I say that I would much rather get pissed on than have to listen to Jereme Rogers whisper rap to me about how he was, and I quote, “fuckin’ with da lights on.”  I mean obviously I’m not trying to get supersoaked with a bucket of stale urine but given the choice between running that mixtape back to back three times in a row and getting some pee on me I’m going with the pee every time.  It’s quick, easy and resolved with a short shower.  Unfortunately the same can’t be said about Jereme’s ever-expanding collection of regretful tattoos.  He looks like a twelve year old who watched the Deathwish video at a friend’s house then started doodling on himself with a sharpie so he could look hard like Antwan.  Unsurprisingly I’m not the only one who thinks this way;

Whoops.  If for some reason you want to listen to this guy rap to himself while pissing then blow coke in a bathroom then I guess check out this little gem, too;

Thanks for voting, see you next time.