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Close, but No Cigar: An Open Letter to Etnies/32

Posted in snowboarding, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on March 14, 2010 by terry

To whom it may concern;

When I first heard about your decision to launch “The Bearics,” a web collaboration between 32/Etnies and Bear Mountain, I got excited. I always felt that a snowboarding version of the ultra-popular Berrics web format could bridge the gap between the huge budget annual videos and the low/no budget “park check” videos found on resort websites and/or various snowboard blogs. Between consumer point and shoot digital cameras outfitted with $30 magnetic fish eye lenses, consumer HD camcorders, or even an iPod nano it seems like everyone has the capability to film, edit, and produce snowboarding web content. Companies have started providing various types of cameras for their riders so they can provide kids in the midwest with a never-ending stream of thinly veiled marketing. Unlike soda manufacturers spending millions of dollars to develop an unholy sugar-water/extreme sports conglomerate that equates to the 21st century circus this type of marketing is actually beneficial for everyone.

Where’s the motocross at?? Those guys are CRAZY!

The company is getting publicity out and developing brand recognition, the riders are making names for themselves and furthering the progression of the sport, and a ceaseless stream of free entertainment becomes available to the consumer. The concept of a brand affiliating with one of snowboarding’s biggest destination resort to produce this type of material is excellent but your execution of said content has been lackluster at best.

I want to get the first point out of the way right off the bat because it’s a big one that is definitely the Achilles’ heel of the entire operation. Did you really think that a carbon copy of The Berrics’ website was a good idea? As if there hasn’t been enough instances of snowboarders and the snowboard industry harping their four-wheeled older brothers you guys went and outright copied the Berrics’ site to the T and provide a name pun to match. It’s as if the Berrics is the popular kid in middle school and you went out and bought all the same clothes in a futile attempt to appear cool. I’m sure there would still be plenty of people who would dismiss the project as a Berrics clone if there was a different name and site design but I doubt there would be nearly as much vitriol and “yeah I’m a snowboarder but I’m a TRUE SKATER AT HEART” based hatred clouding the entire package. Furthermore, what was up with the decision to change the video titles? Bangin’ becomes Beastin,’ Text Yoself turns into Holla at Ya’ Boy, so on and so forth. If you’re going to run with the ultimate imitation why bother snowbroing up the titles? It’s the only thing you change and you alter it for the worse. I don’t get it.

I really don’t like listening to people complain about the snow industry biting the skate industry so I’ll move on. My second beef with The Bearics is the exclusivity. I understand that you guys don’t want to spend a bunch of cash to showcase your competition’s riders but limiting the roster to your pro team (minus your token female, two euros, a loner and a 17-year-old who has won more money in one year than I have made in the last decade) really breaks down a lot of what makes The Berrics great in the first place. Part of why The Berrics has become so insanely popular is because you get to watch such a wide range of skaters all in one place. Yeah, I guess Nima and Bradshaw come off as polar opposites

but sometimes I just want to see some “Chris Cole embarrass Mike Vallely on a national stage” type shit, you know? The least you could have done was bring in some of your ams and hope for a Cory Kennedy moment.

The last thing I want to touch upon is the time-frame aspect of the Bearics. I don’t know exactly how many nights you spent filming under floodlights in the Scene at Bear for the Bearics. I do know that limiting the amount of time someone has to film a trick or segment is only going to result in diminished returns. The Berrics is a 7-day a week facility where people can go skate for a week just to film 10 tricks in one day for a Bangin’. Expecting people to film a Beastin,’ First Try, Game of Shred, and Battle Comma-oh, sorry, Corduroy King all in two or three days at Bear isn’t necessarily outlandish (especially given the amount of skill spread between the roster) but I’d rather see the snowboard equivalent of The Berrics be more of a long-term project rather than just another Bear private night shoot.

At the end of the day I still have to applaud you guys for finally sacking up and doing something productive. For all I know this year’s Bearics could be a test-run for a fully fledged program designed to produce more web content in the future. Regardless of whether or not Etnies/32 decides to continue The Bearics program I hope that somewhere riders, filmers, editors and management can work together to develop something more substantial that relies more on the strengths of snowboarding than regurgitating another bland skate knockoff. I could talk about this issue at length but I know that the general readership of snowboarding blogs tend to get distracted by shiny objects when posts exceed a few hundred words so I’ll cut it short here.



P.S. I can’t believe you didn’t commission Hondo as the imitation Reda.


fuck transworld

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sorry to sound like an elitist asshole but this makes me super pissed.
im never buying another transworld product again. their magazine sucks ass, they havent put out a really good video since first love and now they sold their back page to ufc. fuck transworld.

just curious

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 but do yall remember when youtube didn’t suck dick??  I just finished a stupid little edit and uploaded it to youtube and within a half hour it got tagged as having copyrighted music and they completely removed the audio BUT they gave me the option to replace it with drowning pool!!!!!!!  i made a vimeo account to upload it but apparently if you don’t spend $60 a year for a premium account then you have to wait a hour before the video starts processing after you upload it.  not to mention that vimeo videos won’t even play on my computer.  fuck you youtube and fuck you warner music group, both of you are behemoths that really do not care about your customers or user base and are destined to go under just like those before you.  welp, guess I’ll put that bowling video back up in a hour.


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hey guess what. it rained in slc again. ALLL RIGHT!!!!! so im bored at home, trip out on this.


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this is god’s punishment for me living in a state when you can’t even buy this in the first place

R.I.P sparks 2002-2008

man fuck you guys I’m taking this shit back

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“I’ve always found that word (‘hipster’) is used with such disdain, like it’s always used by chubby bloggers who aren’t getting laid anymore and are bored, and they’re just so mad at these young kids for going out and getting wasted and having fun and being fashionable.”
– Gavin McInnes

yeah so what if 99% of his magazine’s readers would fall under the hipster umbrella THE MAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH