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r kelly is amazing/batshit insane for April 21, 2010

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some extraordinary recent mixtape covers

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and while we’re at it I guess i’ll post the newest mindblowing video from soulja boy

i could probably write a thousand words on why this video is amazing but just get at me in real life after I’ve had a few cocktails and listen to me ramble about it because it’d probably be way funnier


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whole lotta downtime

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we really didn’t have proper internet in big bear and I still don’t have a copy of final cut so in the meantime listen to this real proper morrissey bootleg

click here dummy

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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… are amazing live. If you get a chance to see them live GO!


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ok you know that I have been pretty vocal about my hatred for youtube posts on this blog but i honestly believe that these videos take it to the next level ok?? so anyway if you don’t already know about the g spot boyz then you must be living in utah or something. they took this country by storm with the stanky legg

then they hit the booty dew across the nation;

(p.s. lil editor’s note for all my white readers: the ‘booty dew’ is when a girl’s stomach sticks out farther than her ‘booty dew’

anyway shit got real when a snake crawled up inside prince charming’s house (that’s his name. prince charming). what did he do? well first he tried to sic his dog on the snake but his dog was actin’ just like a lil bitch. so then… actually, just check the video below

You’re Entering a World of Pain

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Terrance and Matty Mo a.k.a. The Drat Pack
Click the photo to download Matty Mo’s new metal mix.
do it now.