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he’s no brontez

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but i  still laughed a little


Titus Fox….

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This goes out to Titus Fox. Click HERE to add him on facebook!!

put the fork in the garbage disposal.

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thank you rob. the funniest youtube since brontez.

Relaxin at Camp

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kyle and I got matching tattoos

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sorry kyle’s mom


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OK everybody I came here today to drop a ‘lil science on you, basically I’m going to break down why you are wasting your life if you aren’t constantly trying to get BGPs in your homie’s photos. Everybody in the world has a gay blog to post photos from their lousy boring parties and even a child knows that the only time it’s cool to look at party photos is if you are actually in the photo getting your drinks on and partying and getting crunk and rocking out, dude.



Otherwise mundane boring photos are made better by your presence. Here’s an example of ryan making this photo something that I actually want to look at;

yeah playboy do your thing.

some people might say that you have a big ego if you actually think that your being in a photo makes it better but whatever fuck those egghead dorks, sooner or later they’ll realize what’s up and they’ll be begging for you to hop in the backround of all their photos because you are the shit


LET’S GET DOWN TO BRASS TACKS. most of the dudes who go to parties go for one reason; they’re trying to feed that pony. I guess you can come at a girl with some tired old timey bullshit about astrology signs or whatever but that probably won’t work. some dudes are just down to get faded and freestyle it and try to let their charisma flow but failure to plan is preparing to fail as far as I’m concerned. some real motherfuckers can pull off the whole pickup line thing but basically if you’re not talking about pop tarts then you probably sound like some retard who spends all his time reading books about how to become the ultimate player. forget all that shit and just do yourself a favor and do a little seed planting. if there’s some boo boo that you’re trying to get at just make sure that you get in the backround of a photo that she’s in and I promise you that ms. thang will hit you up the next time she sees you. the whole thought process here is that girls are almost universally self-absorbed and you better believe that after a night of partying they’re gonna hit up facebook so they can tag themselves in party photos to show everyone how ill their kit was, I mean shit if you spent hours getting ready to go to some party populated by a bunch of snow bros you’d probably want people to know how fine you were looking regardless of wether or not they were even at the party. anyway homegirl is going to seek down every photo that was taken of her that night and sooner or later she’s going to stumble upon the one where you’re posted up in the back shooting a kool krush ice killah, rock the photo like the thrilla in manilla, pain killah, deal sealer type look
after she sees you in the photo she’ll probably remember you next time you see each other and you can be all “oh hay girl didn’t I see you at that party one time” and she’ll be all “oh hell yeah I remember you, you’re that sexy ass dude that was glaring at the camera all mean-like and it got me all hot and bothered” and then it’s on fool

I’d bet you ten bucks right now that all the girls in that picture have seen that shit and were like “damn who’s that slick dude in the back looking all mysterious and shit” and that I could beat it up nine times out of ten AND if sean black had a sister I bet he’d let me beat it up ON PRINCIPLE just for being that real of a dude

alright, on to


can I get a witness? basically there are two reactions to a ultimate real deal devestating lurk;

if you make somebody laugh then congratulations, see reason number one why you should lurk and feel content knowing that you just knocked that motherfucker out the park like barry bonds all jacked up on HGH. if someone gets all butthurt that you snuck up in their shit without them knowing it then THAT’S EVEN BETTER. the only thing better than having fun is having fun at someone else’s expense and if all you gotta do is shuffle a few feet over to your right and snag some BGPs then get ready to laugh your ass off.
now I know all the people in this picture so it’s not like I really ruined anyone’s day by GETTING THE MOST ULTIMATE BACKROUND PROPS IN THE HISTORY OF BACKROUND PROPS NO BIG DEAL but let’s pretend I didn’t know these people and some random dude just showed up in the back of your photo like this, it’d be freaking awesome


As you may have noticed in the last picture I look ill as shit. this was no accident, folks. if you know you want to straight freak out some photos then you gotta go the extra mile and dress for success.


une is freaking STUNNED at how ridiculous my kit is.

grow out those mustache hairs, put an epic part in your hair, and get a pair of glasses that look like something your old middle school woodshop teacher would have worn BUT make sure that they are prescription and that you have bad eyes otherwise harrison will make fun of you and hondo will call you a hipster and openly clown on you to your face. this tactic is generally reserved for well-versed lurkers but if you feel like stepping up to a challenge then go for it YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE

alright so those are the big three reasons you should all be stepping up your lurking game but let’s take a little time out and talk about the dark side of lurking;


this dude is dumb as heck -or- BEAT IT KOOK

this is just some straight up lazy lurking. this guy is making a face like he just got bit on the dick by beans the dog

and he’s trying to throw up some gang sings or signaling how long his dick is in inches or something I really have no idea. basically this photo is a good lead in to the next example of


joe mertes gets
for a classic sub-par deer in the headlights session of BGPs. joe just got himself caught up in the rap game and didn’t realize what was going on and as a result ends up with a photo on the internet of him committing the world’s first act of double fisting a single drink. when you are a top tier lurker you gotta keep your game on point and don’t let nobody catch you slipping, you’re either first or your last in this game of life and ain’t nobody likes to lose. the only thing worse than an accidental unaware BGP is documented in the third case of


oh the humility. not only do I get caught in an accidental BGP scenario but to make matters worse there is some seriously questionable activities going on. a photo like this is what a true lurker’s nightmares are made of; one, you get caught slipping and aren’t on your A game, two, you are getting associated with some real fruity shit that can come back to haunt you later down the road. let’s go back reason number two why you should be constantly lurking; trying to get up in them guts. let’s say that you’re putting in your work and throwing up BGPs in the back of babe’s photos across the land and one day some girl hits you up about it. she recognized you from a photo of a party but SURPRISE she also knows you from that one time that you got caught in the backround of a photo where your homeboy has got his package all snuck up between his legs on some real silence of the lambs “would you fuck me I’d fuck me” type shit. game over man, you will never hit the skins when all she can do is wonder why the heck you’d partake in such queermo photos
so that’s pretty much it, just don’t forget the big three reasons why you should always lurk and never let nobody catch you slipping and you should be just fine

anybody can be cool but awesome takes practice

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