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here’s a video of me when I was a baby

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Greatest Dancer Alive

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There are 5 other lessons check them out!


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ok you know that I have been pretty vocal about my hatred for youtube posts on this blog but i honestly believe that these videos take it to the next level ok?? so anyway if you don’t already know about the g spot boyz then you must be living in utah or something. they took this country by storm with the stanky legg

then they hit the booty dew across the nation;

(p.s. lil editor’s note for all my white readers: the ‘booty dew’ is when a girl’s stomach sticks out farther than her ‘booty dew’

anyway shit got real when a snake crawled up inside prince charming’s house (that’s his name. prince charming). what did he do? well first he tried to sic his dog on the snake but his dog was actin’ just like a lil bitch. so then… actually, just check the video below

i just wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends

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for the last two years hondo keeps coming to govy for like 5 days each summer and I’m convinced at this point that he does it just so that he can bitch about how much he hates being in govy

I was this close (—-) to taking this kid to exit so I could replace his set of the world’s smallest wheels. you can’t see it in this picture but the rest of his wheels were missing the bearing covers and watching him skate was amazing because he is actually pretty good for a little kid.

toby getting loose at a danceparty. campers need to step their games up, shit has been W-E-A-K lately.

imagine how gross that picture would be if chris was naked EW BARF.

i took some of these photos to put on the lodge life blog but i realized that putting pictures of lodge counselor’s dicks and bare chests on the hcsc website would probably get me cut from the blog team so these are tdk exclusives

doesn’t it look like andrew is checking out meg’s butt??

if you see this face it either means that i am having a blast or that i am beyond the point of no return and can not convey my ideas with words and there is a slight chance that i will get piss on you

suck my dick saddam

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