tep got a little lippy with me

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so I had to set him straight


i fell on my face again

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not pictured; my heinous black eye that developed a day later

violence against women is wrong

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part two in a series of ‘people stepping to someone who they shouldn’t be stepping to’

youtubin’ on a wednesday

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how dumb must you feel to step to a 67 year old white dude with a santa claus beard on the bus and get the shit kicked out of you and THEN tell people to call an ambulance because you got a bloody nose?

Furthermore, how dumb must you feel that you don’t notice until hours later that the old guy is wearing a shirt that says ‘I AM A MOTHERFUCKER’ on the back, despite the fact that the video he’s featured in has the phrase in the god damn title? this question and more may be answered by IMing me, hope this helps.


apparently this is the same dude!!

quit gettin’ so buck in public, homeboy!! I know getting youtube famous is cool and all but yeesh



oh sweet JEEEEESUS

don’t fuck with mountain bikers

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Apparently life isn’t all just American Apparel paychecks, champagne, and sweet babes for Benny Rice.

“Well, I managed to get the shit kicked out of me by three big mountain bike bros. To top it off I lost my camera and they fucked me up, two black eyes, and one sore nose. After they beat the shit out of me for awhile me and Tim Larrogs had to run from them. It sucked… They must have been some kind of athletes, maybe Kenyans because they were fast as the wind. They chased us for awhile until they tripped over some shit and we got away. I woke up this morining barely able to open my eyes. Oh yeah, I ran and got the shit kicked out of me in my Georgio Brutinis like a champ, motherfucker!”

Couple more sites adding to my 15 seconds of fame

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Much love for these guys


last but not least ashbury they twittered it before everyone else

I was really worried there for a minute

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I don’t know if you guys know this but in this month of May Kyle has been both hit by a car and last night got jumped and went to the hospital. I got really concerned that all these injuries would really put a damper on the posting of shitty youtubes on this blog but thanks to all of your prayers and well wishes he has made a speedy recovery and has gotten back on his feet in no time. God bless.