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don’t try this at home, kids

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SIA 2010 checklist

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1 Ride there and back courtesy of The Levitation Project
1 Zenni Optical cheap glasses
2 Pair Active Ankle Socks (Black)
1 Altamont Custom Black Lung SLC Jacket (Black)
1 Twilight Lounge T-Shirth (Heather Grey)
1 Levi’s 510 Denim (Black)
1 Hanes A-Shirt (Black)
1 Nike Air Hisix (Red/Black)*
1 CEO: IN CHARGE OF DIDDLY SQUAT Mesh Hat w/ Mishka Pin (courtesy of Brock)
1 Pendleton Woolen Mills Custom Tailored Flannel Shirt (also courtesy of Brock)
1 HCSC Backpack (Black) v.2006
2 375ml Sunnybrook Whiskey bottle
1 “Mr. Power” Engraved 6oz Flask (courtesy of Brian Zink)
1 Apple Macbook Pro 15″ 2.52 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo + Charger
1 Skullcandy Icon Headphone (Grey)
1 Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7.2MP Digital Camera w/ some magnetic fisheye I got off Amazon
1 Dakine Leatherman knockoff that was in my camera bag
1 Oral-B Toothbrush
1 Tube Crest Pro-Health Toothpase
3 Trojan condoms
2 Painters Medium Paint Pens
1 Sharpie Permanent Marker
2 DDC Field Notes
1 TurntableLab Notepads
1 HTC Touch Pro
1 Motorola phone charger left by someone @ HCSC
1 Necklace of prior tradeshow/industry passes that I can flash at some random security guard to be granted access to something I shouldn’t be allowed to be attending)
1 Rollin High Dice
1 10 Pack Generic Dice
1 Burning desire to not be at SIA 2010 (Haha, just kidding! If I genuinely didn’t want to go I wouldn’t have gone! Have fun reading diatribes from other websites bitching about how bro/industriedied-out SIA was **COUGH**YOBEAT**COUGH**)

SIA 2010

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ok so recently i realized that i don’t have to be freaky fast for the next three days so that opens up my options to hitch a ride to denver with matty mo and the levitation crew.

Back in the Boat

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CLICK HERE to check out steamboats opening day!

Board’n with Kyle

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Today Kyle and I went to Keystone. Icey fun times. Got a couple gems……

Kyle is hyped he has to look like he is fresh out of a rave. Possitives about him being “stuck” in Colorado is; I finally got him to take a shower……and even though he told me he didnt jack off in my shower I am pretty sure he finally got to masturbate…so he broke his “world record”.
This is why I love snowboarding. This guy screams summit county. How much more stereotypical can you get with an alpaca hoody with a giant Bob Marly face on the back that sorta looks like a possessed Sal Masekela.