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Just watch this

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don’t fuck with mountain bikers

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Apparently life isn’t all just American Apparel paychecks, champagne, and sweet babes for Benny Rice.

“Well, I managed to get the shit kicked out of me by three big mountain bike bros. To top it off I lost my camera and they fucked me up, two black eyes, and one sore nose. After they beat the shit out of me for awhile me and Tim Larrogs had to run from them. It sucked… They must have been some kind of athletes, maybe Kenyans because they were fast as the wind. They chased us for awhile until they tripped over some shit and we got away. I woke up this morining barely able to open my eyes. Oh yeah, I ran and got the shit kicked out of me in my Georgio Brutinis like a champ, motherfucker!”

they got the color names pretty spot on for this one

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i joke because i’m jealous someone pay me a ton of money to take my picture in goofy clothes please. thanks in advance.

i know, its been a while.

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but hey at least i waited till i had something good to post right?