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it’s almost 2010

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and people are still making hipster fixed gear jokes??

this is pat da rep after watching that video

this is me after watching that video last week

this is pat da rep tonight on my couch

this is webster watching pat da rep on the couch

this is pat da rep when he wakes up in the morning and reads this post

this is a drawing i did this summer

and this is


kyle and I got matching tattoos

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sorry kyle’s mom

let’s lighten the mood with a youtube

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FICE x Oakley & Ming and Ping

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Justin, Clean on the outside-Dirty on the inside

the deadliest of lungs

Jason Newman before he drinks the serum to become hondo

the funnest dudes in utah

Cody looking very GQ

the serum kicked and and Hondo came to party with Ming

Brink’s got wheelies for days

T.D.annyK. pissing at the tracks stop

Hondo and his member fixed peeing

G.A.N.D.G.A.S. was there too “who done it?”

Ming from the front

Ming from the back

if you were there you were lucky enough to catch me busting a move on stage

Ming and Ping from kyle fischer on Vimeo.
i also got to sing with Ming after i for frisked of course to get in the show

Can we party here?

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A couple of dirty kids and a bunch of friends just trying to have a good time got kicked out of a couple of parties and this is the photo journey of it
the first party we went to was a black light party, needless to say it wasn’t as much fun as the red light party. We got kicked out of there pretty soon, i guess it was because we rolled up about 20 deep to a randoms house

I couldn’t shoot well in the dark with my camera so i started using the flash

just bros doin bro stuff
glow sticks and tits
then we started to get kicked out…
This was after we got kicked out of the glow stick party and the football party, unfortunately i don’t have any photos from the football party
then we walked for about ten minutes or so and then we got to this house partyT.D.annyK. got a hold of a spraypaint can and the first TDK tag was born


SB peed on the house and then i went home.

i took some videos and i might edit a mini shit clip depending on how i feel

We have been blowing it….

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We have been on vacation and we haven’t been posting anything…

were blowing it more then this girl…

More to come… like tomorrow.

Introducing Hondo Smith to the dirty kids

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If this shit ain’t dirty i don’t know what is…..

And here are some party photos…..

Jane and Marissa brought over two flasks and a couple zip loc bags full of liquor

This is the first night i ever drank wine and here are the photos to follow
documenting my epic journey…

Not am foil Pro foil. do u think it gets travel? incentives? salary?

A beer shot from the hip of sean black

i liked this kids tee shirt. i think its a Vitamin Water tee

Danny Scanz drunk vision…

Just married

And this is a first for the blog its the motorboat of the Moment