I was gonna sit on this one until I got the new site up and running

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but patience is not one of my strong suits.  here’s another throwaway hood edit to add to the pile.  sorry kids, no obnoxious mario sound effects or videogame references in this one.


super slow-mo: so hot right now

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Isn’t it weird how some people can manage to film and edit an interesting video in just three days while other “production companies” shoot for a week then spend four months over-editing their footage and still can’t manage to make something decent?

tep got a little lippy with me

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so I had to set him straight

commissioned works for the dirty kids dot com

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I was hanging out in the demo shop the other day lamenting the fact that regular updates with original content have been seriously lacking on this blog so I asked james mustico to make some drawings.  we were talking about how far superior matches are at masking the smell of a monster poop when compared to frou-frou scented bathroom sprays so he drew these two pictures.

check out other cool stuff he has made at his website jamesmustico.com

if you want to send something in for me to post on here first make sure it doesn’t suck then second email it to me at dharrisburg@gmail.com

Brick and Mortar

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[Vimeo 13300980]

Stuntin gone worng at Mt Hood

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and the worst kit on hill award goes to

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this guy

knife show hoodie and nike basketball shorts that touch the top of your boots.  not pictured: green ballcandies

as terrible as this may be it really doesn’t hold a candle to all the skiers rocking absurdly large gear.  I’m not talking about wearing tall Ts, I’m talking about seeing kids walk around in the airport with hoodies that hang below their kneecaps.  thank god I don’t have to deal with that stuff at camp