Just some photos from my phone

This ones for T.R.P.J.

Just another dumb bud light hat right?

Wrong its just another dumb bud light hat WITH a bottle opener. NBD.

This is the second shirt made by Blaze and Sage and the rest of the  [NARK] s you can find it at wal-mart

If your trying to impress a chick right now i suggest you get her one of these looks like the gold business is at a all time low

I saw these bags at the airport last week… I think Collin Tucker must have been doing some traveling.

Camps gotten the best of me this summer and it turned my hair gray.

Danny scanz with a week supply of sun flower seeds.

I would never eat anything with dirty in the title.

Shane Wright sat down to the hottest girl he could find at the airport. This girl works at Victoria’s Secret and she just turned 18.

Jed got a giant banner on Patterson House here in govy. Don’t try to steal it you might get tackled by nurse greg.

The camp bags this year come with a rain cover pretty neat eh?

My sister has my dog wearing polo shirts now.

My old neighbors in SLC got their garage door all tagged up.

The diggers didn’t get this memo.

This bird is dead.

This post sucked.

Those were the photos from my Phone.

Good day.

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