salt lake “fixed gear culture”

4 Responses to “salt lake “fixed gear culture””

  1. chauncy Says:

    Haha, I see these dudes in chicago all the time on their fixies. For some reason they’re always riding through fucked up neighborhoods though.

    I was in slc for a few days last year for a job installation and brought my bike. Fun city to ride and it was nice getting to bomb some hills.

    I met up with a few dudes that had their own “crew” or whatever. Seemed like nice guys, but a bit too into the whole bike messenger thing, but whatever.

    They still around? One guy told me that a lot of them don’t ride their track bikes anymore and traded off for road bikes because the “fixie trend” was fading.

    Save the track bike!

  2. Thats so sick. I wish mormans would ride fixed gears in my neighborhood i would so support them.

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