party in tahoe donner

johnny told me that he was staying at a friend’s house up in tahoe donner and that I should stay out there with him.  I got to town and stopped by the house only to find out that they were throwing a fake birthday party the next night.  everyone was saying it was going to be fun but I was a little skeptical since it was a bunch of young kids talking about how hard they party and I’m not a big ski town houseparty type of dude.  oh how wrong I was.

durell just gettin’ his grind on.  the ratio was much better than I thought it was going to be

that’s what’s up.

thrasher: so hot right now.

dylan and some chick with reflective boobs focusing on that ping pong ball that is about to fuck up their game

this girl was pseudo blowing it on the youtube DJ program and I may or may not have let her know about it which resulted in this look on her face.  10 minutes later she cued up wet wipes and I lost my mind

i see this dude at every party i ever go to, it’s uncanny

feebly trying to save my soul with my grandma hand

we pregamed at the bhappy house and dusted off some four loko and brought a bottle of wine to the party but it didn’t really jump off until headband harry here started pouring massive amounts of alcohol into this giant jug

sawyer was walking around the party blessing people with prerolls

it cracks me up how you can be at a party and think the place is packed cause the lights are off and people are cutting loose then you see photos like this and realize that the party wasn’t quite as big as you thought it was

colt dropped me off at the party then drove to northlake to have a casual night at home and when I was showing him these pictures the next day he said “man I wish I would have stayed, I love when Durell drink drinks!”

dubbers was in the house doing his best impression of joe carter

dylan goes hard

johnny lazz has been working really hard on his mustache lately and it’s starting to show

johnny also told me the next day that he found the one true love of his life at 2AM in the upstairs bathroom.  here’s a picture of a girl.

tatum dylan and some chick that gets paid by pac sun who got really upset with me last night when I said that matty mo made up the nickname headwrap for alex kvezedy

johnny has dance moves for days.  this is a throwback to that move that your aunt does at wedding receptions.

that jungle juice started getting to me.  eric ain’t scared though.

dubbers being best.  I tried trading him four of my t-shirts for this raiders shirt but he said no.


my new girlfriend.  if you’re reading this get at me boo.

us talking about our future together.

I asked for a cup of drink and homeboy started filling up this giant jug.  also note the wardrobe change from earlier in the night.

let’s do this!!  let’s drink sewage water!!

I’m pretty sure everyone in the above photos now has some sort of communicable disease but let’s be honest with ourselves; it’s tahoe, it’s nothing they haven’t already dealt with at some point

people started coupling up out on the balcony

if you’re wondering why ben’s shirt was all wet in these photos it’s because they were taken right after I took THE BEST PHOTO OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE


ben told me she was making this exact face about two hours later….

this photo kind makes me a little uncomfortable but it’s still great anyway

every time I step up in the building everybody’s hands go up..

ben gettin’ him some

tatum was acting up so john had to raise up

then durell put her in the sleeper hold

johnny that guy is all over your girlfriend what the hell!??!?!!?

dubbers catching a casual facepush.  he doesn’t have jerry garcia in a bag but he does have decommissioned dice from vegas in there, rippin style

i think he’s actually asleep in this photo.  unconfirmed.

this was the last picture of the party.  I ended up getting in a car and driving to an undisclosed location to pass out face down on the living room carpet.  when I woke up the property manager was measuring the carpets with a contractor and I slinked out the front door.

found this in my pocket.  I don’t really smoke weed but thanks anyway sawyer!

I didn’t have cell service and had no idea where I was so I just started walking.  eventually I caught some satellites and figured out just how fucked I was; the A is where I wanted to be and the little blue dot is where I was.

saw this little ride on the walk home.  the basket was a nice touch.

finally got back to the PA house and this is what the floor looked like.  apparently after I left dubbers started breaking shit and people poured the jungle juice all over the place.  walking on the floor with shoes on felt like you were on a giant piece of velcro.

moseyed my way over to the bhappy flophouse and this was the scene.  it was late into the afternoon and everybody was struggling from the party.  not durell though, he was strictly fingerpimping all over facebook like it was his job.  that’s what’s up.

9 Responses to “party in tahoe donner”

  1. i think i need to move

  2. ben strause Says:

    just amazing

  3. Danyale Says:

    Haha omg I missed out. Jamin I hope you got some pussy from that girl making that face.

  4. kelsey (johnny's gf) Says:

    this is the funniest shit ever. i can’t believe you were face down on my floor when our dyke realtor came over to measure the carpets. so good!!

  5. After reading this post I’m convinced that you’re carles.

  6. if I was actually carles in real life I would have just posted two photos then gone on a four paragraph rant about “alt bros”

  7. boarder bros

  8. some dude handin out pre rolled dubberrs?? i need to move to tahoe

  9. haha ben i hope you got some pussy from that girl making that face!! OH wait thats mee bahhaha thats too bad but i bet you still got SOME pussy that night!! lmfao

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