drive to and around lake tahoe

I got stuck in mammoth for two extra days because the world’s biggest blizzard rolled in. left on tuesday after getting vibed out by rufus and his mean mug. it was nice in mammoth when I left but once I hit the 395 it got cloudy and windy and cold as shit. this was really cool to see

here’s a picture of mono lake and the heavy swell

mandatory in n out stop in carson

got into town late and packed it in early to get some sleep. woke up the next day and decided to be real scenic and ride around the lake.

obligatory emerald bay photo. while headed down west shore my fuel light came on and I was deathly afraid of running dry with no cell service or shoulder to park my bike while I moonwalk the rest of the way to south lake to top off a jerry can. don’t worry, I made it fine. west shore roads are fucked but once I hit state line the pavement was flawless. all that gambling taxes are good for something I guess. here’s some more scenery;

tried to finish the ride with a casual $2.99 breakfast at this lil hole in the wall..

only to find out that they only offer the breakfast special from 7AM to 1PM.  I got there at 1:30.  fuck.  had to get a burger instead;

popped in the gift shop to pick up some decommissioned dice to wipe down marks with and ended up spending a little more than I originally planned

rode back out to tahoe donner and snapped a photo of this place

once I got back I linked up with colt and the bhappy dudes and documented a lil bit of boarding at their backyard zone

and a lil bit of shovel sledding

once it got dark we watched some videos and started pregaming for the party that night where everyone got shithouse wasted butt naked crazy but I’ll save those photos for another post.  for now I’ll just leave y’all with this

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