introducing 86: my new favorite snowboarder

I leaked this video on facebook two days ago because I started uploading it to vimeo then left the house.  when I got home I was a little tuned up and started typing up a new post for it but I realized that it was too good for some throwaway nonsense.  I met 86 (aka ryan paul, more on that later) up in hood this past summer and he was kinda flying under the radar a bit.  he’s a really funny guy but can be super humble and unassuming so it’s easy for him to get outshined offhill by dipshits with loud kits and big mouths.  onhill is where the men are separated from the boys and 86 is on some serious grown-man type shit.  people got a bit of a taste of what 86 is capable of doing from some of his shots in the session videos at the end of the summer but unless you’ve gone and watched him straight demolish entire runs at bear (and I mean entire runs, every single feature, top to bottom on bear express) you really can’t understand how amazing this guy is at snowboarding.

I was only in bear for a few days and was splitting my time between filming a million different homies and yet 86 still managed to stack some of the heaviest heaters I’ve seen in a long time.  it wasn’t until late into the second day of riding that I figured out that he’s regular (and note that fact for later because there are some tricks in this edit that will have you shaking your head in disbelief) and every single shot in this edit was filmed in a three day span of on and off filming.  not only did we get enough shots for this edit but he also has had a ton of footage in the last two sunday in the parks AND clowned on people at the ashbury/krew demo too!  and don’t get it confused, i have it on good authority that homie brings it real hard outside of the parks as well.  you know how every once in awhile somebody hits the scene and everyone wonders how they haven’t heard of them yet?  well you may not have heard of ryan paul yet but you better get familiar before you find yourself asking “where’d this guy come from?!?!?!?!”

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6 Responses to “introducing 86: my new favorite snowboarder”

  1. ben strause Says:

    my new favorite snowboarder too

  2. Word up……He showed up me and my crew at our own party, it was our game, then he flipped it. That suave mother fucker can really make them tricks look good.

  3. grew up rippin with RP at troll and afton. good to see hes straight killin it.

  4. […] funny how the story is just now reaching the rest of the snowboard world!  Oh, by the way…86 is TDK’s new favorite snowboarder. swfobject.embedSWF("", […]

  5. yeeeee! 86 Mutha fucka. dammmm boooiiiiiii!

  6. Known, Shredded, and actually Graduamacated with RP and am psyched that he is killin it! Still can’t forget the time he destroyed me at SNOW hahha Can’t beleive i took that challenge!

    Keep it up RP! And Get your ass back to Afton this winter to do som flips and shit!

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