terry crews youtube explosion

a few years ago when I lived in mammoth I was talking to my dad on the phone and he told me that he had got a bootleg of the new wayans brothers’ movie ‘white chicks’

he told me that he had watched it and it was hilarious.  i replied with the only acceptable response at the time; ‘you’re fucking crazy, old man.’  he kept talking about how funny it was and eventually i rented a copy and found that he wasn’t exactly that far off from the truth.  yeah, the movie is pretty mediocre but it has it’s moments.  most of those moments involve the greatest actor in the world, terry crews.  if terry crews is in a movie it’s almost guaranteed that i’ll watch it at some point.  i was flipping through my usual blogroll today and found out that Tim & Eric were commissioned to do new old spice commercials.  i’m usually not a huge fan of their work but when i found out that they got terry crews to be in every commercial they became my new Favorite Thing.

i’ve gone beyond the threshold for acceptable amount of words in a youtube post so i’ll just link this ‘best of’ video from youtube and be done with it.

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