magazines in baker

on the drive back from big bear danny stopped at mad greek and we went shopping at the mexican market next door.  lucky for us they were offering a great bargain, 2 WEED MAGAZINES  ONLY $6.99

bundled in with all the WEED MAGAZINES were a bunch of scandalous pornos.  I wanted to buy some but then I realized that it would have been a giant waste of money due to A. who the hell spanks it to print porno in 2010 and B. they’d probably just sit somewhere in my house that isn’t really right out in the open but not hidden either so when someone stumbles across them they start to wonder if I really want to fold an asian girl like a won ton & slosh her in my man soup

so if you are a bargain WEED MAGAZINE shopper, if you want to buy some sketchy print porno in the year 2010, or if you want a $5 mesh cowboy hat go check out the mexican market next to mad greek in baker, you won’t be disappointed.

by the way eric fernandez took these photos on his iphone!!!!!!!

One Response to “magazines in baker”

  1. fernandez Says:

    as one of the founding dirty kids, I think I deserve some photo cred????? wtf???????


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