The Letter Of Last Resort…..shits fucked

First off it’s been a while. I apologize. Life/work is crazy and doesn’t allow me a lot of time to post on here like my fellow TDK counterparts.

Anyway, this article made me have some major chills. To summarize in a couple sentences, the British Prime Minister has to write a letter and give it to a commanding office of a random nuclear sub that spends most, if not all of its time just waiting in the Atlantic. This letter explains what the Prime Minister’s orders are if Great Britain were to get severely Nuked. There is just a yes or no on the letter….if the answer is yes, the sub must retaliate at full power on whoever is staking claim to the nuking….if it says “no” they just putter on their way throughout the Atlantic.

How scary is it that the fate of millions of people is purely decided by one person and their hand written note that is locked in a safe which is in another safe. Its pretty fucked that at this point in time in civilization, something that large can sully be put upon one person who just so happened to be put in a position of power. How would you like to make that decision? Just a little food for thought.

Link to article here

(This American Life did a short segment on this topic a few weeks ago as an intro to their show.  You can stream it from their website here. -terence)

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