a lil bit of insight on TERENCE

there’s only a couple things in life that really get my rocks off and one of those things is R KELLY. yes, you read that right I got a big ‘ol no-homo hetero boner for my nigga kells. basically you cant spell r&b without the r therefor he the best. the only way I can really show my love for robert without being one of those crazy screaming ladies at the front row of his concert is by collecting merchandise. my collection got started last year when kyle laid some treats on me with dis fine piece of kells paraphernalia. heres a pic of my beautiful ass in it ~~UP IN DA CLUB~~

heres some detail shots for yall…….

you jealous yet??????? well guess what. im an ebay pimpp with two ps for a double dose. of that pimpin. check what i just got in the mail a few days ago…..

yeah thats me. sexy ass nigga right here. but whats that i got on????? let me move the camera a bit…..


yeah thatts right check the back you mark ass trickster

best of both worlds. step yr game up.  peep the brady’s mini mart clocks in the backround.  im versatile like a freakin 8 inch chef’s knife ya dig??????

well like i said im a freakin ebay pimpp so heres a couple things i got coming in the mail right now.  ill wipe yalls down with what is basically my holy grail of kells shirts, da tp2.com promo t.  see back in the day when i lived in NY I got introduced to the game of kells merch by my main man lloydski and he copped this t off ebay back before kells got himself in a spot of trouble when kells merchandise was a little easier to come by.  basically since then ive been trying to cop a good condition tp2.com piece for awhile and a few days ago the heavens opened up and shined on my dumbass and i scooped this up for a ten spot plus shipping. here is what i looked like after I saw that I won the auction

and here’s the shirt in all its glory……

its not in the best condition but i take liberties when it comes to tp2. real talk.

you think that’s it???? you think that we’ve hit the bottom of the hamper??? bitch please. i got two (yes thats right you read correct TWO) of these in the mail RIGHT NOW on they way to my house.

yup. THE DRAMA CONTINUES. so do the shirts. never ending.

will be mine soon enough. I got one more that I’m keeping my eye on but I dont want to blow up my own spot and give it too much love before shit is finalized so just get your dumbass ready for kells shirts pt.2

one last thing I’m gonna post is this other tp2 shirt I found on ebay. its selling for $35 or best offer but i think its worth every penny

heres what i wrote after seeing this auction the other day….

if i saw a girl wearing this my dick woudl literally rip through my pants and impregnate her with a thousand children. because i am gay for r kelly. i am gay.

a babe in a kells shirt…. does live get any better than this???? I think not. i would make her my bride and then kill myself because i know that life would be a downward spiral afterwards. life does not go on after meeting a girl in a kells shirt because all that would happen is that i would realize she is not as big of a fan as i am and then i would hate her forever because of it therefor i must commit the ultimate act. seppuku. i unsheath my blade and then honorably fall upon it. my life is complete.

so thats it I hope you like my collection


One Response to “a lil bit of insight on TERENCE”

  1. Thats quite the collection. I dont know if its a good or bad thing that you work with children in the summer…..

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